Thursday, 18 August 2011

welcome 2

haha..lawaknye rse bila nk buat blog ini..
well,atas dorongan dan desakan..terciptalah
.ini unpredictable.
hope u olls enjoy..=)

taken from my first entry..

now dah berubah title
'life is full of unknown'
title based on life is unexpected drama
life really is something that we plan and what's coming we don't know, 
brand new title , new type of entry
new me as a young adult.

setiap tahun life aku bertukar dari nothing to something
walaupun tak byk yg berubah
the way i've handled all the problems by myself
membuatkan setiap hari aku makin matang dalam hidup
makin lama 'childishness' sikit sikit hilang 
hidup berdikari memang susah
when parents tell us to do things
we never really did as they told
but now all decisions up to me
orang sekeliling cuma boleh beri pendapat
things can go better or worse
all is in my hand
only yourself can really help you..
but of course 
we still need people to help us. 

mood : thankful 

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  1. everything gets better and better as we grew older.. way to go Shira!! keep it up.. <3