Thursday, 13 October 2011


source: taken from people's silence notes diary.*

sound asleep

all the same meaning
the same as me

no more loud surrounding
no more thinking to do
i'm done with all those
it feels
like being in a place where there are fewer people
peaceful as it is
there's only my family, my very supportive friends, and ofcourse Maha Pencipta.

and the main happiness is that there are no YOU in it.
though, i felt sorry for you
dahla kerek dan poyo, takde adab, tak hormat org lain
suka cari pasal dgn org + kedekut pulak tu
asking money from other people, tak tau malu ke?
dahla ade rekod tak baik
konon romeo and juliet la
kalau ade cite nak heboh bagai
ko dok kutuk org lain,sedangkan ko tu sama je
cerewet PLUS memilih
nak yang 10 out of 10 je
boleh pulak perasan yang semua orang suka kat you.
kesian kesian

nak nasihat pun tak guna dah
sebab you memang tak boleh nak ubah sikap you
dari dulu sampai sekarang still annoying
walaupun aku tak kenal you dari akar umbi
 i'm one of your closet friends
i still love you

so silence and patience is the solution
so that 'she' can realize it by 'herself'.


  1. is this is from u or taken from others? sorry i'm confuse. ;p

  2. from me ofcourse..sje nsk umpan pki source tu..takdelah nmpk sgt bengang nye tu kn..HAHA