Friday, 6 April 2012

happy tears

I'm very thankful,
first of all to Allah for giving me what i have right now,
and for you,
thank you for always be where i stand alone and when i fall apart,
thank you for all the encouragement for me to pursue my vision,
thank you for listening to my crappy emotional 'speech',
thanks a lot for having me as a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, niece, cousins, aunt-to-be, friends,
i might always a little too carried away with my emotions, perhaps because i'm afraid to lose each and every one of you.

and today alhamdulillah right now i'm with my family at home sweet home,
had a feast today for celebrating my mom's anniversary,
i do sometimes feels lonely when i'm far from family,
but that's okay, because i know where i go, there's always a place i'm proud to call my home.
and the words i'm coming home always make me feel ecstatic!
because i knew my family waiting for me to come home,
i'm very lucky, i'm always thankful..
when i say i hate this family, i don't really mean's just me unconscious. 
some said it's hard to be me as the only daughter because of my overprotective family.
i have a limit to where i go, limitations of times, and my family always controls me.
back then, i'm questioning the overprotected things..but now i truly understand and weirdly i'm getting used not going out, hang out or out often.
in fact, i felt great!..though boredom hits me. ITSSOOKEY..
i'm getting used to it.
so, end of story.nothing important more than a blood ties.

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