Monday, 7 January 2013

chocolate and me

assalammualaikum, konichiwa
CHOCOLATE is good especially in this examination week.
hot day right?..i'm sweating throughout the day.
well..FATIN SYAZWIN been asking for my update..i'm not into social network lately..nothing much happen to me...i don't really like talking about myself..i'm more to the silent arrogant self now..INVISIBLE to others you know?

oh my birthday..
I just turned 21 on 20.12.2012..pretty date for pretty me yeah!
sama macam tahun sebelumnya, my lovely family came all the way from KL to Shah Alam..(bunyi macam jauh sangat je..HUL).
tak dapat nak lama2 sangat..esoknya tu ada test..
what to do..every year sama je..celebrate kat shah alam. kena tunggu habis belajar, baru dapat properly celebrate birthday.

You know, i'm still waiting for my Mr.right to show up. where are you?
there are some potential guy..emmm
embarassing my foot.

it's been NURSHAHIRAH writing this


  1. sooo sweet of u! <3
    waAahh...sejak bile been thinking bout Mr. Right nieyh!!
    haha.. be patient,,Allah knows the best :)

  2. yup..layout baru right menyorok lagi.

  3. rasenye ko ckp tu ko ade calon?? SAPE???!

  4. hehe..ada lahhh..mana boleh bgtau.