Monday, 24 March 2014

A new kind of addiction of mine.

A soothing yet melty voice......
One of the best korean actor,
no other than Lee Min Ho!
(But still admiring Ryan Gosling ofcourse!)


recently been watching back to back Lee Min Ho's dramas.
most of it was interesting, maybe because of every different character he played in each drama.
But the role that he played that really captured my heart is 'The Faith'.
neomu joh-a!

Oh and the heroin is very cute!.. Kim Hee Sun is a sunbae in acting, her acting is still great!
eventhough she's a wife and a mother. She potrays Yoo Eun Soo perfectly. Thumbs up for this drama storyline! (but i still don't get it the ending part. A bit of dissappointment there.) It is a bit crappy, what can you expect from a fantasy genre?!. Haha. I'm watching these dramas just for fun. No harm to the reality mind-state of mine. Ye het~

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