12th October 2015

12th October 2015 was my first day working at Mudajaya Corp. Bhd..
That fresh young Engineer with full of hopes and eager to achieve experience and knowledge as much as she can.
Now here I am..after 2 years..
I learnt things the hard way..not everyone you could lean on. It's challenging during my first year.
You have to keep up really fast with the current situation. Fully independent.
What I learn is ASK AWAY..don't be shy..keep your question ready.
ASK for any works to do..if not you will be hanging alone. and a lot more.
You need to SURVIVE everyday.

Yup..today marks my 2nd year working here as an ENGINEER.
Pejam celik je dah 2 tahun.
Still surviving. Eleh..baru 2 tahun..jangan BERLAGAK.
Yes nurshahirah..u've managed to go this far. Pat your shoulders.
More years to come.
You still have a long way to go. Learn more while you still can.
Your effort will not go to waste. Keep it up.
Let's enjoy and treasure the moment, even though its tough.


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